UHMWPE Filament Materials

High Performance Polyethylene Filament


UHMWPE filament is one of maximum strength with minimum weight and high performance fibers in the world.

  • High strength: 15 times stronger than the high quality steel.(table 1)
  • High modulus: next to the super class carbon fiber.(table 1)
  • Low density: less than Ig/cm and can floatable on water. (table 1)
  • Anti-UV compare with aramid and bring spedally good weather resistance. Free from any anti-UV pretreatment.(table2)
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion, anti-erosion, anti-acerbity and anti-alkali.(Table 3)
  • Extraordinary anti-abrasive, high modulus but soft, with long longevity of deflection, bing good wear and bending resistance.(table 4)

UHMWPE Filament

Ballistic textile application: like UD fabric: woven fabric; needle felt for the protect clothing and reinforcement of impact resistance composites. Ocean application: like marine cordage rope; fishing net; sailcloth. Cut-resistant application: like cut resistance gloves and apparel.
Sport application: like fishing line; sport kite line; climbing rope.

UHMPE Filament Index Table

Table 1
  Density (g/cm) Tensile Strength (Gpa) Strength (CN/dtex) Modulus (CN/dtex) Modulus Gpa Elongation (%)
UHMWPE 0.97 3 32 1200 95 <3.5
Aramid 1.44 2.9 20.5 410 60 3.6
Carbon HS 1.78 3.4 19 1340 240 1.4
Carbon HM 1.85 2.3 12 2100 390 0.5
E glass 2.6 3.5 13.5 280 72 4.8
S glass 2.5 4.6 18.5 340 86 502
PET 1.38 1.1 8 100 14 <13
PA 1.14 0.9 8 50 6 <20
PP 0.9 0.6 6 60 6 <20
Steel 7.86 1.77 2 250 200 <1.1

Table 2
Type of Fiber Testing Method of Light Resistance The maintaining rate of strength
Aramid fiber The fiber was exposed under UV ray for 1500 hrs. 30 %
UHMWPE The fiber was exposed under UV ray for 1500 hrs. 90 %

High Performance Polyethylene Filament

Table 3
Fiber Cutting resistance Abrasion resistance
Dry Wet
UHMWPE +++ ++ +++
PET ++ ++ ++
PA ++ +++ +
PP + + 0
Aramid ++ + +
Table 4
  UHMWPE Kevlar29 Kevlar49 CarbonHS CarbonHM
Abrasion resistance (Break of filament) >110x103 9.5x103 5.7x103 20 120
Resistance to bending (Break of filament) >240x103 37x103 43x103 5 2
Bur strength (CN/dtex) 9-13 5-6 5-6 0 0
Loop strength (CN/dtex) 11-16 9-11 9-11 0.7 0.1


Super Light Weight UHMWPE UD Fabric for Flexible Vest and Hard Armor Panels

Cielarkorana UHMWPE fiber with special matrix system and structure for soft armor (We system) and Laminated application (HA system).
Structure with four layers or two layers of unidirectional, without the SlOp in cross.-over points in regular woven fabric, the Shock waves energy in bullet impact distribution along the fiber is much faster and more efficient.


ITEM UHPEWB 616-1 UHPEWB 616-2 UHPEHA 616-1 UHPEHA 616-1
Length Continual roll Continual roll Continual roll Continual roll
Width 1.2 m 1.2 m 1.2 m 1.2 m
Density 135 g/sqm 130 g/sqm 75 g/sqm 150 g/sqm
Application Flexible vest Flexible vest Laminate Plate Laminate Plate

Cielarkorana UHMWPE UD features: high bulletproof energy absorption, all weather condition sutiable, flexible, lightweight, thin, moisture resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant.

  • Police and military ballistic application: like soft bulletproof vest, helmet, insert plate, armored vehicle, vessel, and helicopter.
  • Reinforcement of impact resistance composite materials such as Laminated sheet and can combine with high strength glass fabric, ceramic and steel etc.
  • Sports application such as ski.

BulletProof and Anti Stab

Double Function PE UD Fabric Specification

Bulletproof & stab resistance by continual roll, bring most material cutting saving.
Adjustable width as customer requirement Light-Weight & Flexible Anti-corrosion, acid & alkaline Anti-UV, water & moisture insulation

Super Light Weight UHMWPE UD Fabric for Flexible Vest

This is the world first bulletproof and anti-stab double function fabric base on the UHMWPE filament and resin most exist double function material.
We realize by one single material reach super light weight to meet the NIJ 0101.06 IIIA and NIJ 0115 Level I and II. At the same time, it kept good flexible characteristic.
Now, policemen and soldiers only need one vest, by similar weight as past single function vest, to face threats from firearms, commercially manufactured knives, and puncture-producing weapons, such as ice picks.
Double Function PE UD Fabric Specification Item

Item Length Width Density Application Material
UHPEAS101 100 m 100 cm 150 g/sqm Flexible Vest UHMWPE

Aramid UD Fabric

Produced by para-aramid filament with patent UD technic to make out the high performance aramid UD Fabric.

It’s lighter than our UHMWPE UD while keep all other feature of that.
Double Function PE UD Fabric Specification

Item Length Width Density Application Material
UHPEAS101 100 m 100 cm 150 g/sqm Flexible Vest UHMWPE

UHMWPE Woven/Knit/Tricot Fabric
Used 100% UHMWPE filament or combining with other fiber to make special fabric for composite application or other high tenacity and light weight area